Joséphine About

With a sultry, timeless voice reminiscent of a different era, Joséphine is a power-pop singer and songwriter. A first-generation Persian-American born and raised in Tucson AZ, Josephine’s upbringing was far from the norm. Drawn to her purpose in music & acting, she left for Los Angeles at 17 to begin her career. Within 2 years, she self-released her debut EP – a visual album entitled “Love Trap: The Story,” which garnered over a quarter million streams worldwide. Influenced by the early greats of American Jazz & Soul (Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, Dinah Washington) and Middle Eastern legends (Moein, Omid) – Joséphine is passionate about fusing both of her roots for a truly iconic sound and paving the way for other young Middle Eastern-American artists.

Joséphine left for Tel Aviv, Israel in Fall 2019 with no plan but a passionate calling to make art there. Spending 3 months in isolation, she wrote, recorded and produced her long-awaited debut album there. “Pretty Crazy” is an honest representation of the journey of self-discovery, self-love & ultimately – self-acceptance.