JTK (Josh The Killer) About

JTK aka Josh the Killer is a Canadian rapper and producer from Fredericton, New Brunswick, and born in Nigeria.

In 2015, he released his debut CD “Josh the Killer EP”, which he described as simply an introduction of his personality; a reflection of himself, captured in the form of sound recording, and made available for the world to hear.

The rapper is currently and undergraduate student at the University of New Brunswick, Canada, is expected to release a sophomore CD following his 2015 album. He has since released one major single “The Canadian Experience”, famous for the line “When I think of lyrics, my penis becomes harder. Apparently track he made for fun, and was followed with more bizarre yet entertaining remix to Sucker for Pain the Suicide Squad movie soundtrack and "Champion.

There is currently no information of upcoming songs, but following a sequence of song remixes, he might be heading towards releasing a mixtape soon.

Albums: Josh the Killer EP (2015)
Latest Single: Paris (Cover, The Chainsmokers) [2017]