JTM About

James Curran is a Utah-based, faith-based rap sensation.

He made huge strides for the LDS rap scene in 2016 when his debut EP, I’m Not a Rapper, hit number one on the ITunes Hip-Hop/Rap chart.

Curran grew up internationally, spending his formative years in faraway places like Russia, China, and Uzbekistan.

He began writing, recording, and performing at the age of 17. In his late twenties James began posting his videos on YouTube, and soon built a strong following on the strength of singles/videos like “Motivation” and “I Will Never Stop”.

In April 2016 he issued his first collection of music. Curran donated 50% of the profits from I’m Not a Rapper to the LDS missionary fund.

JTM Albums

Hero Hero JTM Released February 9, 2018 1 68
Gun Shy Gun Shy JTM Released July 15, 2017 1 57
Pmg Pmg JTM Released 2017 2 42
Holiday Holiday JTM Released 2017 1 45
Treasure Treasure JTM Released 2017 1 65