Kaboom Atomic About

Kaboom Atomic is an explosive performer bringing his strong will and opinion to a wide market.

With Kaboom Atomic you can always count on a brilliantly unique performance, he is an entertainer in every sense of the word. Putting in work over the last decade representing Vancouver and collaborating with some of Canada’s most prolific artists, he’s compiled an impressive and substantial resume. His talent isn’t limited to rap either, as he sings, acts and brings his audience the best of himself through all kinds of artistic mediums to give you a taste of his incisive wit and perceptive, honest vision. As a stand up comedian he hosts the comedy show ‘Yo! Vancity Laughs’ with Billy Botox (the duo make up the ‘Game Genies’) at YukYuk’s and recently released the full length album ‘Drastic Pleasures’.