Kaotik About

Born at the DASS, he grew up in a host family settled in the eastern districts of Nice. Carried by the texts and music of IAM, 2PAC and EMINEM, it is at the age of 17, while living in a youth hostel, that KAOTIK brings his first texts to life by releasing his first five securities. Very quickly he gets caught up in an artistic spiral, and goes on for hours of writing and in the studio.

In 2001, he met Posé, Fab, Flavio, Klhélia and LX.sir. Immediately, the collective formed and culminated in a totally self-produced eclectic first album called BEAT COMBO. He then discovered a pronounced taste for MAO (Computer-assisted music) and made his first compositions. Later, in order to improve his technical skills and to be able to follow his desire for composition to the end, he trained as a sound engineer in which he acquired mastery of computer music software and in particular CUBASE and REASON.

In 2006, KAOTIK decided to devote himself to the realization of his first solo album, for which he composed the lyrics and the music. He developed an extraordinary and original style there, built on his will alone. In the absence of an appropriate structure in its region, KAOTIK has also invested in the development of the RAP by opening the doors of its home to young local artists who have very little material and financial means, to initiate them into writing. and computer music.

Kaotik Albums

Art Nissart Art Nissart Kaotik Released March 2015 1 7