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I should’ve never been a rapper, we’re in a Mandela Effect alternate timeline now. The fate of the universe is doomed.

This all started because I got drunk for the first time on the south side with my niggas and freestyled some shit like

Bitch I’m Kendrick Llama
Bitch I’m Kendrick The Goat

followed by an obnoxious bleat and various other animal noises and I’ve referred to myself as “the goat” ever since.

The goat having significance because the acronym standing for the Greatest of All Time. The goat is the archetype of climbing the ladder of success, because goats are often found at incredible heights on mountains. I joined RG and started writing raps off infatuation with the goat title and the debates. I know it’s art and entertainment but to me it was always like a sport, I liked the competitive aspect. Still at this point (early 2013), I was mostly a fan, I only wrote raps, never performed or recorded them.

It wasn’t until I found Gianna Michaels….. (plus the fappening) and that….. THAT inspired me to become a rapper. At first, I wanted to troll by mainly rap about beating my meat, in an obscure reference to an Eddie Murphy RAW bit on how when he was a young comedian all his jokes were about taking shits because he had no other life experience. Same for me but with choking the chicken.

So I made 10 Hands.

Release shit I coulda wrote at the time.

Then someone heard it and they challenged me to make something serious and that’s when I made Fire Flower. Then somebody challenged me to make a whole project, so I made 1 Night Theory. Then I kept getting roasted for being a SoundCloud rapper so I made Party Animal and put it on all platforms. Now here I am.

Still climbing.

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