King Dif About

Breaking out the Mid-West region, the Detroit Rap Renegade and record producer has a hustler’s ambition coursing through his veins.

Receiving early co-signs from acts such as Waka Flocka Flame & MMG heavyweight Rick Ross, King Dif made his entry into the independent music scene in 2013 with “Final Hour” which gained nearly 20,000 downloads. Equally important, the Detroit native uses his lyrics to vividly bring stories of his hometown’s crime infested streets to life. However, instead of only focusing on the negative, he also paints a picture of pride and dignity. “I’m just someone who’s trying to make something out of nothing, I’m Someone who has seen both sides such as having money, good clothes etc to being around negative environments, such as the streets, being broke, etc. There’s a whole different side of Detroit that hasn’t been shown and I want to show the world that positive side.”

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