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This is King Tall T. Bessemer born, 1987 as Timothy Thompson by his mom Kimberly and pops Michael in Bessemer Alabama. He was known in the hood by bookworm because of his glasses, and was also called “little Will Smith”. As a child his hobbies were art, basketball and music. In school a lot of people knew him for “beating” on tables, mimicking popular music of his childhood, like “one in a million” by Timbaland for Aaliyah , and tons of others. He soon grew to realize that as talented as any and everyone in his family and state were, there had to be God there in the middle. He went through young trials and tribulations such as runaways, addiction and other life challenges of a young man in the south. Let’s just say that it’s allGODbuddy that he made it this far. “A new way of praise” is what GOD told him to make, and ever since that revelation, he has made beat for beat, rap for rap and album for album centered in praising God. Over 100+ songs online, and due to an apartment fire that happened to him and his wife, they are starting over as far as music, but we have come to a conclusion that we have only seen the beginning…

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