Klan MC About

Lucas Matías Santos, better known as Klan aka Son Luka, is an Argentine rapper and freestyler born in 1994 from the city of Longchamps, South Zone of Buenos Aires. He is part of the Crotos Squad crew. He is known for his participation in events such as El Quinto Escalón, Red Bull Batalla de Los Gallos and Batalla de Maestros.

Crotomania (2014)
Effort and Dedication (2014)
In My 20 Years (2014)
Memento Mori with DJ Tiano King (2015)
.REC with Rasog (2016)
Infinite (2016)
Avemus Yolby (2016)
Animago Abc with Donvo Beats (2017)
Animago aBc with Indigo Beats (2017)
Animago abC with Veraobeats (2017)
SANTO (2018)
I Am Back (2019)
Free (2020)

Klan MC Albums

Santo Santo Klan MC Released December 27, 2018 1 10
Animago B Animago B Klan MC Released 2017 1 8