Kokoshca About

Kokoshca are very smart, they are parapsychologists and they look to the wild east when everyone else looks to the west. Kokoshca are drunks, like the whole country who portrays himself, day by day, but I prefer to look at the portrait that the Pamplonians paint: twisted, absurd, Goya, Spanish.

They are wild, yes. And double-headed, like Demikhov's dog, because they also know how to make battered ballads where the sweet nectar of the pistil of a carnivorous plant drips drop by drop, ready to devour always irreproachable influences. His impudence is matched only by his unheard-of knack for composing back-row hymns on a bus driven in shifts by Martin Rev, Jonathan Richman, Evaristo, and Lou Reed.

And above all, Kokoshca transmit the certainty that they will never deliver mediocre material, that their future will always be interesting, brave and, above all, dangerous.

* Text: Álvaro Martínez

KOKOSHCA was born in Pamplona in 2008 and is currently made up of Amaia, Álex, Iñaki and Iñigo.

Kokoshca Albums

El Mal El Mal Kokoshca Released November 9, 2018 8 9