Kold-Blooded About

In a time where most new artists decide borrow whatever style is popular to fit in and gain attention, Kold-Blooded strives to be unconventional. Behind the scenes for over 15 years, what’s offered is an overwhelming wide range of styles and a strange mix of concepts, you will more then likely have to listen to a few times (or smoke a few blunts, lol) before taking in the entirety of just how many layers of ideas are actually hidden in his madness. Using an enraged rapid-fire/melodic flow, a 90’s demo tape recording style, an all star cast of producers and guest appearances, strong attention to detail, and a passion for the art of rhyming, it’s a surprise he has remained so overlooked for this long.

Kold-Blooded Albums

WICKED HEART WICKED HEART Kold-Blooded Released July 28, 2019 3 17
The 6 Paths The 6 Paths Kold-Blooded Released July 21, 2019 7 32
Always Been Here Always Been Here Kold-Blooded Released February 13, 2018 5 18
*COLLABOS* *COLLABOS* Kold-Blooded Released February 24, 2017 2 15
-13° -13° Kold-Blooded Released February 7, 2017 1 29
FaceKloud FaceKloud Kold-Blooded Released July 31, 2016 1 8
FaceKloud 1.0 FaceKloud 1.0 Kold-Blooded Released December 31, 2015 1 30
TSUKUYOMI TSUKUYOMI Kold-Blooded Released July 7, 2015 2 20