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From Villaverde Alto (Madrid) comes to light the first reference of this group formed by vicente salvatore aka whitman, esekah terrier pimp and benny soprano of the groups "kalibre 3.57" and "7pk". Created at Underworld Studio and produced by Benny Soprano for 2roses, this work is shown as a solid and independent reference, with a wide musical variety, current and consistent.

Esekah Terrier Pimp: A native of Villaverde Alto, in 2007 his first project came to light under the name of “presas 2007”. This work had a good impact on the underground zone of central and southern Madrid, also in some areas of bcn. He has collaborated with artists such as Shitoo A.R.T.E, Adhes Arcana, Rasek Buscetta, Dolcce Rotta…

Benny Soprano: Born in Santiago De Chile and settled for almost all his life In Madrid (Villaverde Alto), he began his career in hiphop music in 1999, being influenced mainly by New York rap from the 90s, and the sound that it was brewing among his people of Kalibre 3.57. He formed a group with onassis lucciano called "rekyem" back in 2003, which vichenzso luzor joined. In 2004 “desamor” came to light, the first work of this group in which vichenzso luzor joined as a new member. After a year this demo was reissued again in a new format, with better sound and with unreleased songs. In 2005 and coinciding with the recent release of the reissue of “desamor”, the group dissolved due to personal and musical differences, giving rise to the group known as dolcce rotta and the solo career of benny soprano.

Vicente Salvatore a.k.a. Whitman a.k.a. Petit: Born in Equatorial Guinea (Malabo / Sampaka), after emigrating to Spain (Madrid) in 2000 he started doing this, influenced mainly by his brother djado (black-ice) and by reo (francisco jaén) ex-component of ya extinct group ldc (the 2 capos) and nationally by Kamikaze, La Alta Escuela, Rapsus, La Konecta among others and of course by Onassis Lucciano, his brother, and by Rekyem. As MC, he has nothing edited prior to the class project, although he formed a group with llakol khelen (faint scarlet) that for various reasons had to be dissolved, he has old themes with bhensinz (producer and 2-rose mc).

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