La Garfield About

The sound of La Garfield is not intended to fall into generic categories. On the contrary, it seeks to break them. Wander the musical aspects through the ensemble of their instruments and explore the sonority of languages. Looking at this point of convergence, the sound of La Garfield: a timeless expression with no room for cataloging. This is why La Garfield's music and entertainment can be seen anywhere to any audience. From mass festivals to small bars, from concerts to public spaces, from the coast to the city.

Since the launch of its first material entitled Sin Miedo, La Garfield has built bridges and opened doors to new presentations in different locations, highlighting its participation in the RMX 212 festival, as well as presentations in Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato , Monterrey and Playa del Carmen.

La Garfield has shared the stage with great exponents of local and international music, making mention of the Norwegian group Kakkmaddafakka, Adanowsky, Troker, Golden Ganga, San Juan Project, among others. At this time, La Garfield is in the process of composing new material, nourishing herself with songs, trips, presentations, friends, experiences and stumbles; a path that continues.

La Garfield Albums

Love Paraíso Love Paraíso La Garfield Released September 21, 2016 7 15
Sin Miedo Sin Miedo La Garfield Released October 1, 2013 1 14