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Laakso About

Laakso is a Swedish pop band consisting of Markus Krunegård (vocals, guitar, piano), David Nygård (trombone, synthesizer, trumpet), Lars Skoglund (drums, piano, percussion) and Mikael Fritz (bass).

Several of the band members have a Swedish-Finnish or Tornedalian background and the name Laakso is Finnish / Meänkieli for valley and refers to Tornedalen. The band's songs are mainly in English, but the album Mämmilärock and the song Loista Laakso from their debut album I miss you, I’m pregnant are in Finnish.

Several of Laakso's songs have been played extensively in P3, including Demon and High Drama. The band toured extensively before several of the members did various other projects. In 2008, in the middle of Markus Krunegård's own solo tour, the band performed at Popaganda.

All of the band's records have been produced by Jari Haapalainen. Long Beach and I miss you I’m pregnant were released on Adrian Recordings, while High Drama and My Gods were released on record label V2 Music.

The band made a comeback in 2015 with a gig at the Popaganda festival in Stockholm. On April 22, the following year, their fifth full-length album, Grateful Dead, was released.

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