Lauren Auder About

Lauren Auder (born 1999, Watford) is a British singer, songwriter and record producer best known for her first two EPs Who Carry’s You and two caves in.

Growing up in Albi, a Southwestern French town, in 2015 Lauren joins an online community of underground rappers, including a young slowthai and Oklou, and begins to improve her music craft.

After graduating, in 2016 Lauren returns to London and signs a contract with indipendent label True Panther Sounds. Following the release of her first EP, she becomes fond of William Blake’s works, that represents a great influence in the second EP, two caves in, along with Divine Comedy and baroque-pop culture.

On February 12, 2021 Lauren drops a new project, 5 Songs for the Dysphoric, combining elements of post-rock, modern classical, ambient and experimental electronics.

Lauren Auder Albums

5 Songs for the Dysphoric 5 Songs for the Dysphoric Lauren Auder Released February 12, 2021 1 9
​two caves in ​two caves in Lauren Auder Released March 5, 2020 2 6
Who Carry’s You Who Carry’s You Lauren Auder Released March 16, 2018 1 9