Lil Gash About

Lil Gash is the rap project of London-based producer and DJ “PIG” (Finn MacTaggart).

Under this alias, Finn only released one mixtape (titled King Of Fiji Vol. 1). It was released as a free download via Gamsonite’s Tumblr page, however it was removed several years later. King Of Fiji Vol. 1 features work from many PC Music members & associates such as GFOTY, A. G. Cook and Kero Kero Bonito.

At least two music videos are confirmed to exist; a music video for ‘Mani Pedis’ has been found in it’s entirety via the Wayback Machine.

Tracks that have never seen the light of release have been heard across several mixes by PC Music artists such as A. G. Cook and GFOTY.

Lil Gash Albums

King Of Fiji Vol. 1 King Of Fiji Vol. 1 Lil Gash Released July 28, 2012 9 9