Lucy DK About

Bring together some of Taylor Swift’s early countrified musical stylings with the R&B influences of Solange and SZA, and what do you get? The unique vibe embodied by the songs of Lucy DK. Lucy grew up in Leicestershire, England, her self-penned acoustic confessionals establishing her as a regular on the local gig circuit. At 17, she moved to Nashville with dreams of entering the country scene. Instead, she began collaborating with hip-hop artists Curt Summers and Lackhoney, releasing her debut single Beth’s in China in September 2018. The song struck a chord, being played on Reprezent Radio, BBC radio, and XL Play, landing her features and a music video for her next release, “Drama.” At 21, she moved to New York, developing a live show that blends her heartfelt, soulful voice with performance art and poetry. Her new track Family Drama is the first release from her debut project waterlilies.