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Thomas Luther “Luke” Bryan was born July 17, 1976 in Leesburg, Georgia, to Tommy and LeClaire Watkins Bryan. His parents also raised him in Leesburg. At age 14, his parents bought him his first guitar, and after learning to play it, he joined various local bands and began to play in local clubs. After graduating Lee County High School, Bryan planned to move to Nashville, Tennessee; however, this move was delayed, due to the death of his brother, Chris, in a car accident, on the same day he planned to leave. Luke attended Georgia Southern University, and is a member of the Eta Zeta chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. After graduation Luke went to work for his dad, despite everyone encouraging him to move to Tennessee. His dad encouraged him to relocate and he arrived in Nashville in 2001, signing a record deal only two months later. The 6'01/2" singer-songwriter married Caroline Boyer on December 8, 2006. The couple have two sons. Thomas “Bo” Boyer Bryan was born March 18, 2008 and Tatum “Tate” Christopher Bryan was born August 11, 2010. Luke’s nephew Tilden “Til” Cheshire also lives with the Bryan’s, after his mother (Luke’s older sister, Kelly) died in 2007 and his father died in 2014. Among the songs Luke is known for are “Drunk on You” and “Someone Else Calling You Baby”.

Country Music Association Awards:
2015 Entertainer of the Year

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1 Born Here Live Here Die Here Luke Bryan 64 2 She Get Me High Luke Bryan 52 3 Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset Luke Bryan 51 4 We Rode in Trucks Luke Bryan 42 5 Good Directions Luke Bryan 42 6 Way Way Back Luke Bryan 41 7 Home Alone Tonight (Ft. Karen Fairchild) Luke Bryan 38 8 Checkin' Out Luke Bryan 34 9 Hungover in a Hotel Room (Ft. Emily Weisband) Luke Bryan 32 10 I'll Stay Me Luke Bryan 32 11 Your Goodbye Wasn't Good Enough Luke Bryan 31 12 Here's to the Farmer Luke Bryan 30 13 Drink a Beer Luke Bryan 29 14 Love It Gone Luke Bryan 28 15 Good Lookin' Girl Luke Bryan 28 16 Just a Sip Luke Bryan 28 17 Love in a College Town Luke Bryan 28 18 Shake the Sand Luke Bryan 28 19 Take My Drunk Ass Home (Demo) Luke Bryan 28 20 Tackle Box Luke Bryan 28 21 Pick It Up Luke Bryan 27 22 To the Moon and Back Luke Bryan 27 23 The Sand I Brought to the Beach Luke Bryan 27 24 Bad Lovers Luke Bryan 26 25 Pray About Everything Luke Bryan 26 26 Corner Booth Luke Bryan 25 27 Buddies Luke Bryan 25 28 Beer in the Headlights Luke Bryan 25 29 She's a Hot One Luke Bryan 24 30 Country Man Luke Bryan 24 31 My First Love Song Luke Bryan 22 32 Kick the Dust Up Luke Bryan 21 33 Small Town Favorite Luke Bryan 21 34 Out of Nowhere Girl Luke Bryan 20 35 Sorority Girl Luke Bryan 20 36 Spring Break-Up Luke Bryan 20 37 Ya'll Can Have This Town Luke Bryan 19 38 Baby's on the Way Luke Bryan 19 39 That's My Kind of Night Luke Bryan 18 40 Out Like That Luke Bryan 18 41 Take My Drunk Ass Home Luke Bryan 18 42 Drinkin' Beer and Wastin' Bullets Luke Bryan 17 43 All My Friends Say Luke Bryan 17 44 Night One Luke Bryan 16 45 Dirt Road Diary Luke Bryan 16 46 What Is It With You Luke Bryan 16 47 Shore Thing Luke Bryan 16 48 Spring Break-Up Luke Bryan 15 49 Baby's on the Way Luke Bryan 14 50 Buzzkill Luke Bryan 13 51 Sorority Girl (Demo) Luke Bryan 13 52 The Car in Front of Me Luke Bryan 13 53 Little Bit Later On Luke Bryan 12