Maaike Ouboter About

Maaike Ouboter is a Dutch singer and poet. Born in Gouda on January 12, 1992, known by the Best singer songwriter in the Netherlands with her song I miss you. She has already achieved a lot with the same song and also written an album. A novice in Dutch pop music with a lot of talent. This is mainly reflected in her album that was number 1 in the Netherlands for 2 weeks, except that her song that I miss you also did well in the Netherlands and Flanders. A singer with a lot of potential.

She characterizes her music by only playing with an acoustic guitar; her voice will do the rest. Every now and then there is also a soft drum or piano.

After her first album, she released five podcasts a year later. All five are about adventures or places she has visited with boyfriends or friends. Maaike ouboter is not only a singer but also a poet.