Marcus Warner About

Marcus Warner is a composer, orchestrator and producer, born in 1996 and currently residing in Wiltshire, England. He has been composing music for more than 12 years, progressing through various genres of acoustic and electronic music and writing pieces that range from contemporary piano solos to full orchestral symphonies. He describes his aim as being ‘to produce epic and uplifting music that raises the heart’, and sets himself on making work of an exceptional quality which surpasses itself with each release.

Marcus Warner Albums

Reprise - EP Reprise - EP Marcus Warner Released November 15, 2019 2 9
39 Seconds 39 Seconds Marcus Warner Released December 15, 2018 6 12
Oceans Oceans Marcus Warner Released February 4, 2016 9 6
Liberation Liberation Marcus Warner Released October 4, 2014 3 6