Milestone About

Milestone was Milo Aukerman’s band while he was in college, away from the Descendents. The Descendents song “Here With Me” was originally a Milestone song, and “Just Like Them” was being played live at least a year before it appeared on ALL’s Allroy Saves. The album Here, There, and Nowhere (1994) was half recorded live at KSDT radio station, and the other half at the Inn-House in San Diego, without Milo. Other songs were recorded during the KSDT radio sessions but not released, including “Tell Me Something New” and possibly “Weeds”, “TV Repairman”, “Here With Me”, “Think and Laugh”, and the instrumental “Trying to Get There; Getting Nowhere”, which may have inspired Here, There, and Nowhere’s title. According to a comment on this video, at least 3 tapes' worth of material was recorded at KSDT.

Milestone also featured Jovi Butts, an enigmatic figure who probably played bass. He provided backing vocals on ALL’s 1989 single “She’s My Ex” and played in the lounge rock band Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects, as well as the band Locos Borachos, whose only release was a Minutemen cover (“The Product”) on Our Band Could be Your Life. He later formed the West Coast Modern Day Punk Rock Orchestra in 1995 with Mike Watt of Minutemen fame.

Other members of the band include Chris Maggio, the guitarist, and the drummer “Bob”, whose last name we don’t even know. It is unknown if they were in any other bands, but Chris Maggio is active in comment sections of Milestone videos on YouTube.

Unfortunately, Milestone shares its name with an R&B group.

Milestone Albums

Here, There, and Nowhere Here, There, and Nowhere Milestone Released June 20, 1994 9 41