Muckafurgason About

Muckafurgason is an independent post-modern absurdist and experimental rock band formed in 1997 consisting of singer John Lee, guitarist Christopher Anderson, and bassist Andrew Ure. Muckafurgason’s music is most noted for being about pushing the envelope 90’s pop punk, and comedy. Christopher Anderson, and Andrew Ure also had a side project together titled, The Quiet Ones a satirical play on the fact they were just Muckafurgason without the vocalist. They never took themselves too seriously and more fun which is what gave them their small cult following, though the members being friends and once tourmates with the band They Might Be Giants helped get the word out. They Might Be Giants even wrote a song dedicated to the lead singer John Lee while touring together titled John Lee Super Taster.

The band was often seen as ironic, and self proclaimed as ‘Not a good band’, this was expressed and solidified by their television premiere on Show Time At The Apollo where they got boo’d off stage. As a joke band this was likely how they intended the performance to end.

Despite this it was the starting point for the artists who went on to gain more popularity in various mediums post-Muckafurgason. John Lee went on to be, what one can consider the underground music equivalent of, A television series creator, director, producer, and occasional voice actor. He has co-created many shows such as MTV 2’s [Wonder Showzen], and Adult Swim’s shows Xavier: Renegade Angel, and The Heart She Holler, alongside his friend Vernon Chatman. Together John and Vernon created the television production company PFFR, as well as John’s next band that shared the same name as their production company. In all of these ventures he has always seemed to carry over the same post modern absurdist art style that he started in Muckafurgason. As a director, John Lee, has directed a bunch of episodes from Comedy Central shows such as six episodes of Broad City and three episodes of Inside Amy Schumer but his biggest directorial role being the Netflix sequel to PeeWee’s Big Adventure known as PeeWee’s Big Holiday. John Lee also directed music videos for bands like Animal Collective for their song Floridada, a band that shared similar indie pop/rock experimentation aspects as Mucka.

Guitarist Christopher Anderson is now a lesser known affiliate of PFFR. After Muckafurguson disband he remained friends with the members which led him to the primary music composer for all of PFFR’s aforementioned tv shows. He has also composed music for some Comedy Central shows Ugly Americans, Inside Amy Schumer, and MTV’s The Human Giant.

Bassist Andrew Urie decided to run for public office in Washington after the band Nirvana defunct-ed and is the only remaining member of Panic! at The Furgasons. He was also a philosopher in the 1800’s, but besides that little is known about him and he his DMT trips.