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Mueran Humanos consists of Carmen Burguess (vocals, drum machines, synths) and Tomas Nochteff (vocals, bass, drum machines) who together make propulsive, unfurling Spanish language pop songs using experimental, punk and avant-garde methods. Self-proclaimed outsider artists, Mueran Humanos combine electronic noise with raw sounds recorded or borrowed, both heavily processed: “There´s lots of repetition, it’s minimal but psychedelic and aggressive. Jokingly we refer to it as Rock Concrete, referencing musique concrete but without the academic side.”

Mueran Humanos second album ‘Miseress’ is out now on ATP Recordings.

Unlike other electronic artists, Mueran Humanos treat songwriting as an acutely physical endeavor. Choosing to forego computer based writing, the band opt instead for stretching and perverting an instrument’s presupposed purpose.

Recorded at Burguess’ and Nochteff’s home in Berlin, and mixed in Einsturzende Neubauten’s studio Andere Baustelle by engineer Boris Wilsdorf, ‘Miseress’ bounds between the foreboding and the abstract to more frenetic sounding pop. Each song is treated as a separate entity, allowing the record to come together as a whole organically. Mueran Humanos encourage listeners to experience ‘Miseress’ as you might a thunderstorm: natural and inevitable, it moves seamlessly from beautiful to scary, sad to ecstatic, sliced with points of rage but also flecked with calming lulls.

Miseress, the first track from the record of the same name, delves into themes of resurrection, redemption and resilience. It follows a fictional character, named Miseress, as she triumphs over adversity. Un Lugar Ideal / An Ideal Place, a thudding, tortile pop song reminiscent of D.A.F., was inspired by one day of waitressing Burguess undertook at a hotel in a German holiday resort and focuses on the irony of feeling restless in a place which would otherwise be ‘ideal’. Mi Auto, a Kraftwerkesque fantasy homage to a car, sees Burguess and Nochteff work to create a tireless sound of linearity. There is a romanticism, often literary, to many of Mueran Humanos’ songs; Guerrero de la Gloria Negativa’s lyrics reference Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi novel VALIS, El Vino de las Orgias is scattered with fragments of dialogue from the French movie The Nun and El Círculo, recorded live in one day, takes inspiration from a Shakespearean quote in Henry IV: “And if we live, we live to tread on kings”.

Burguess and Nochteff met in their hometown of Buenos Aires in 2001. After parting ways when Nochteff moved for a short while to London, they were reunited in Barcelona in 2006. It was here they formed Mueran Humanos. Taken from a fanzine Nochteff worked on when he was younger, the name Mueran Humanos [pronounced muy-wran oo-man-os] translates as ‘Die, Humans!’ and was meant as an ironic commentary on the nature of mass media. Under Mueran Humanos, Burguess and Nochteff began experimenting with drones and tape manipulation creating improvised, sprawling songs and, in the DIY tradition of bands such as Throbbing Gristle, early Public Image Ltd. and Crass, they created their own graphics, videos and album artwork.

“We were doing all kinds of art without thinking it was art, just for the sake of it.”

In 2008 they both relocated to Berlin which became their permanent home. Although Mueran Humanos’ punk ethos aligns them with artists such as Chrome, Silver Apples, Coil and Suicide, the band’s ties to Germany can be heard via the Electro-punk, Industrial and Krautrock of Einsturzende Neubaten, D.A.F, Malaria! and Can. Already renowned for their live shows, Mueran Humanos plan to continue to tour worldwide.

Mueran Humanos Albums

Miseress Miseress Mueran Humanos Released November 27, 2016 9 35
Mueran Humanos Mueran Humanos Mueran Humanos Released February 15, 2014 7 38