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Murky Waterzz began his career on the west side of Chicago after his brother introduced him to Dj V8 and associates. Murky went on to record his first project with Dj V8 just for the project to be put on the shelf due to lack of funding. Murky Waterzz was not deterred and went on to record more music with the help from Manager Rovaun Manuel doing covers of other artist from his genre Murky quickly attracted attention from Producer Keith Allen as they went on to record his first single entitled Band Up – P.O.l with the success of his first single Murky Waterz was able to record his debut Mixtape The Lost Tapes due to drop Fall 2013. Murky Waterzz has performed at a number of venues and consistently performs with energy and lust satisfying crowd after crowd. Murky Waterz brings an interesting twist on gritty street and everyday man to his music where as his songs range from Marijuana anthems, street bangers, club bangers, love songs as well as introspective pieces about his family life and personal business. The style and originality Murky Waterzz brings to his music will keep fans intrigued for years to come.

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