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Andrea Dall'O ', aka NJ is an Italian rapper born on 01/01/2000 in Milan and raised in Rozzano.
He approached punk rock music at the age of 14 and began writing his first lyrics At the age of 15 he approaches Rap music having as references Eminem, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Fabri Fibra, Noyz Narcos, Mondo Marcio and Bassi Maestro.
On 01/01/2017, on the day of his 17th birthday, he released his first piece "Nomi", which was not appreciated given the low technical rate.
Seen and appreciated by the reality of the web radio “Radio Maraia”, NJ knows many rappers and beatmakers.
In particular he ties with ATOL and the two are included in the tracklist of "One Shot Mixtape", a mixtape containing tracks with many emerging artists but never released.
NJ and ATOL, having worked well together, decide to make their first mixtape: “Hell”.
The mixtape was prepared in just over a month, all homemade, and 2 weeks before the release the emerging label "Paranoid Label" proposed to take the project under their wing, so on 7 August 2017 the album was released.
Hell had some success running out of 120 physical copies, exceeding 1000 downloads and getting articles on pages like "MondoRap".
After 1 month from the NJ release, thanks to another rapper friend of his, "Stirpe", he joined WithoutNameCrew, where he met and had the opportunity to work with "Insidia", a rapper and sound engineer, and with “Soa” and “StatueBeats”, two beatmakers from Milan.
After 3 months of inactivity from the release of the mixtape NJ and Soa worked on different projects and combining ideas on November 30, 2017, “Oblivion” was released, the first piece on digital stores under the label “Imperial Boys Records”.

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