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Noon, wlad. Mikołaj Bugajak - Polish hip-hop producer from Warsaw.

Noon (formerly under the pseudonym Comey) began his career with the band Grammatik with which in 1998 he released the album "EP", made on home equipment. It gained great recognition on the Warsaw hip-hop scene. The album, after adding a few songs, was released on Blend Records as "EP +". In 2000, the most famous production of the group was released: "City Lights". It was promoted by the single Friko, for which a music video was shot. After its release, Noon left Grammatik.

In 2000, Bugajak recorded a solo album "Bleak Output". The album was initially released only in the Netherlands, and in 2001 it was also released on the Polish market on the sublabel of Asfalt Records - Teeto Records. Vinyl samples introduced a relaxing atmosphere on the album. Bleak Output was re-released in 2004, which was richer with songs: Near escape, Near escape (Supra Remix), Vision and Bonus breakz.

In the meantime, in 2001, Noon recorded the 11-minute single "Vision" with DJ Twister from Szczecin. It did not announce any album. Also in 2001, Noon recorded a remix of Rozmowa, for the single Łony of the same title.

After his solo album, Noon started working with the Warsaw rapper Pezet. Their joint album "Classical Music" was warmly received by the audience. You could hear guests from such artists as: Mes, Fokus,

Grammatik, Małolat and Ash. The album was promoted by two singles: Re-inflection and Seniorita (Hot blood). Music videos were shot for both songs.

In 2003, Noon recorded an album entitled "Studio Games". As the artist himself said, it was a collage of almost 400 pieces of music obtained only from old analog records, mostly Polish, as well as a combination of classic, hip-hop techniques of creating sounds with modern, freely interpreted rhythm. "Studio games" is primarily a mix of emotions, on the one hand destructive, gloomy and biographical, and on the other hand simple and good. A mix of despair and hope, in ambitious assumptions total music. The album did not gain as much popularity as the artist's previous solo album.

The year 2004 brought another album of the Pezet / Noon cooperation called "Muzyka serious". The album was promoted by the singles I am not long and Szósty świat, for which music videos were shot. A few months later, the single Sixth Sense was released without printing. You could hear (apart from the original version of the song) a remix of the Szczecin producer Webber, and both songs on radio.

Noon was also vocal in the track 2cztery7. In 2005, Noon created the background for the song Siedem dni from the album "U You in the City 2". His new production is announced: "Eight Bits", which is due out this fall. There was also a music video for the song In the industry. The music video is promoted by the double release of Embargo Recordings “Obligatory positions vol. 1 [Classic music / Classical music]”. This set includes "Classical Music" and "Classical Music" extended with the songs Seven Days and Mantra from 2002.

In September 2006 Noon announced the release of his new album "8 Bitów", but in July he abandoned work on it ...

Noon Albums

Nobody Nothing Nowhere Nobody Nothing Nowhere Noon Released February 22, 2020 1 11
Pewne Sekwencje MAX Pewne Sekwencje MAX Noon Released April 20, 2018 2 13
ALGORYTM ALGORYTM Noon Released April 20, 2018 2 10
Pewne Sekwencje Pewne Sekwencje Noon Released January 18, 2008 4 13
Gry studyjne Gry studyjne Noon Released June 23, 2003 7 9
Bleak Output Bleak Output Noon Released 2000 5 18