Norsacce About

Norsacce is a French-speaking rapper who has lived in the Val d'Oise (95), in Deuil-la-Barre and Soisy among others, as well as in Dakar, Senegal. He is one of the oldest members of the League of Shadows and is also a member of the CFR.

He currently lives in France, and works regularly with members of 667, like Freeze Corleone or Osirus Jack, members of Lyonzon, like Ashe 22, Mini or Noma, or English-speaking rappers like Double Cup Kase.

After his first projects Neonegro and RAR., his third mixtape, entitled Marathon, is unveiled on February 25, 2021.

Norsacce Albums

RAR. RAR. Norsacce Released September 11, 2018 7 12
Neonegro Neonegro Norsacce Released April 20, 2017 5 10
Marathon Marathon Norsacce Released February 25, 2021 6 8