Nothington About

The year was 2005. Bay Area pop-punk outfit Tsunami Bomb had just hit the bucket, leaving drummer Gabe Lindeman and guitarist/vocalist Jay Northington without a place to lay their instruments, but not without their desire to keep playing music.
Enter: the kickass, punk rock afterbirth of Nothington.
Starting off in an old woodshop in Petaluma, CA, they began their music project in early 2006. Some demos were posted online, though at that point, they still had yet to figure out what exactly they wanted to do with the music.
A few weeks later, the duo hooked up with guitarist/vocalist Chris Matulich (you may recognize his name from Enemy You, another badass punk band). With the final addition of bassist Mike Hicks, Nothington was finally up and ready to hit the studio.

Nothington Albums