Nova Era Selo About

We are a creative collective for the exchange of experiences and collaborative creation, which aims to strengthen the hip-hop movement in Mato Grosso. We join forces to independently produce the content of artists who previously did not have an opportunity to see their work come to life. We help with the recording, production and dissemination of various types of content, without distinction and non-profit. And Nova Era Selo emerged within the Coletivo Nova Era, with the idea of ​​bringing together several artists with similar proposals in order to have more strength when presenting the works. The artists who participate in the Seal projects are not necessarily members of the Collective. We also invite artists from other collectives to participate in our projects. We distribute music independently and are present on digital platforms: Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. All this while maintaining the essence and ideals based on the collective.

Nova Era Selo Albums