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O Cinza About

O Cinza is a band from Pará and is one of the biggest bets among the new generation of artists from Belém, their hometown.

The group is inspired by Brazilian musical movements (such as Bossa Nova, Tropicalismo and MPB) in British Rock of the 1960s and in contemporary Indie Rock/Alternative Rock. The synthesis of all these influences results in a unique sound, which is the band's proposal.

The group emerged in 2015 under the name “Vulgaris” and was formed by guitarists Anthony Carvalho and Leonardo Castro and drummer Davi Holanda. The three met while still in high school and always played together. They continued making authorial compositions and experimenting with various formations. With the need for someone to be a vocalist, the band invited Malu Guedelha to assume the role

In January 2016, it changed its name to O Cinza, releasing its first EP: “O Mais Beautiful Registro da Casa 270” in August of the same year and the second, called “O Lugar Onde Envelhemos”, in May 2017 .

The group released, on October 12, 2019, their first studio album, entitled “De Peito Aberto”.

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