Okvsho About

“The Duo Okvsho are promising prospects of upcoming musicians from Switzerland. The two brothers grew up in the city of Zurich with influences ranging from oldschool Hip-Hop to the modern Jazz scene.

After effortlessly transitioning from sample based bedroom beats and loop heavy productions to self composed songs Okvsho managed to elevate their sounds even further on “KAMALA’S DANZ”. By adding more live instrumentation and inviting talented young musicians to the infamous Traphouse Studio, the group captured a broader range of emotions which opened up new possibilities and ways of story telling.”

– via Spotify

Okvsho Albums

Kamala’s Danz Kamala’s Danz Okvsho Released September 25, 2020 3 16
Traphouse Jazz Traphouse Jazz Okvsho Released July 6, 2018 2 8