Opiate for the Masses About

Opiate for the Masses was an industrial metal band from Phoenix, Arizona that was active from 1999-2009. The band’s name comes from Karl Marx’s concept used to describe organized religion. Opiate for the Masses headlined Phoenix shows with thousands of people in attendance. They have toured with bands like Static-X, Orgy, Avenged Sevenfold, Drowning Pool, and The Bled. Opiate for the Masses also were apart of the Taste of Chaos and Warped tour. Their songs have appeared in the English dub of the anime OVA, entitled, Galerians: Rion, the films, Saw II, and Saw III. They were the biggest band in Arizona at one point. The band’s vocalist, Ron Underwood took voice lessons some time after New Machines and the Wasted Life was released because in his opinion, he sounded like a kid on the album. In 2004, Opiate for the Masses relocated to Los Angeles to record what became The Spore. The Spore was released on April 26, 2005, released by the band’s guitarist, keyboardist, and programmer, Jim Kaufman’s label, Voodoo Records, and was produced by Kaufman himself, excluding the “Heaven” remix from Goodbye. The Spore was released with a Warcon DVD including videos from the the band, other bands, movie trailers, concert clips, video game teasers, and an EP of five unreleased tracks by Shadows Fall. Opiate for the Masses signed to Century Media Records to record Manifesto. “Burn You Down” was the only song off Manifesto that was released as a single and reached top 40 on radio charts and is a DLC track in Rock Band 2.

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