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Born in California, raised in Texas.. Perp13 is a 17 year old rapper with a style that is hypnotically melodic. With modern influences ranging from artists like Travis Scott to Frank Ocean, how could it not be? See, his lyrics can be described as something to set you in the mood, hype you up, or even be a remedy for sadness, but Perp13’s music can only REALLY be described as something like a departure from reality. He’s even stated that after HRTBRK LOVE TOKEN, he’ll be hard at work on music videos and singles that’ll constantly be released throughout the year. This plan for the future is typical and makes sense from somebody like Perp13, I mean he IS always saying to expect the afterparty to be bigger. Perp13 is a demon from hell, an angel from heaven, an inhuman being with inhuman capabilities, and his music is the perfect manifestation of his true nature. In essence, his music is something out of this world… So while he’s just now expanding off of SoundCloud, one thing is for sure: He is one extremely underrated artist you NEED to keep your eyes on.

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