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Pewee About

Pewee is a rapper from Hamburg who has made a name for himself primarily through battles like the VBT or the VCB. His alter egos are Peweezel and Plusdick, the latter he mostly uses on songs with Mio Mao.

He also founded the crew SML (no more lustich) in 2010 together with his buddy and rap colleague Mio Mao. Other members of SML are Winin, Nillo and Dj Matsimum.

Like the other members of SML, Pewee often raps on old-school-heavy beats and often addresses the use of drugs, especially cannabis, in his lyrics.

Most recently he published his mixtape Her (t) z gegen Kommerz, which was released on January 31, 2014. Since then he has hardly released any new music on SML's YouTube channel.

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