Pop Smoke About

Bashar Barakah Jackson (b. July 20, 1999, d. February 19, 2020), popularly known as Pop Smoke, was a rapper from Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York. He started getting popularity from his April 2019 single “Welcome To The Party,” which was boosted by support from A$AP Ferg. Smoke also used a signature and distinguishable drill-style rap in his music, the style that is typically seen in the UK rap scene.

In an interview with Real 92.3 LA, Pop Smoke cited some of his main influences being 50 Cent, DMX and Meek Mill.

His debut project, Meet the Woo, was released on July 26, 2019.

In August 2019, multiple remixes of “Welcome To The Party” were released, further boosting the song and Smoke’s popularity. Smoke continued his rise even later in 2019, having a high-profile placement on Houston rapper Travis Scott and JACKBOYS‘ December 2019 track “GATTI.”

In 2020, his meteoric rise to fame continued with the release of his second project Meet the Woo 2 on February 7.

Tragically, Smoke was shot and killed in a home invasion in Los Angeles, California on February 19, 2020. He was 20 years old.

Pop Smoke Albums

Meet The Woo 2 (Deluxe) Meet The Woo 2 (Deluxe) Pop Smoke Released February 12, 2020 3 91
Meet The Woo 2 Meet The Woo 2 Pop Smoke Released February 7, 2020 2 215
Meet the Woo (Deluxe Version) Meet the Woo (Deluxe Version) Pop Smoke Released September 13, 2019 6 95
Meet the Woo Meet the Woo Pop Smoke Released July 26, 2019 4 76