Quinn XCII About

Originally under the name Quinn, he released his EP Shlup in 2013. In 2015 he suddenly changed to ‘Quinn XCII’ for the then-new EP Change of Scenery; ‘XCII’ being 92 in Roman numerals and the year he was born. This was partly due to copyright reasons prohibiting just the name Quinn. He later released the EP Bloom in 2016, and on September 15, 2017 released his debut album The Story of Us.

His latest hits include “Straightjacket,” “Flare Guns” and “Always Been You.”
Quinn XCII also features in several of ayokay’s songs, most notably “Kings of Summer.” Many of his songs are produced by ayokay as well.

In 2018, he was signed to the independent label, Visionary Music Group who is home to Logic, Jon Bellion, Chelsea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker and ayokay.

Quinn XCII Albums

Change of Scenery II Change of Scenery II Quinn XCII Released March 5, 2021 4 10
The Story of Us (Deluxe) The Story of Us (Deluxe) Quinn XCII Released February 16, 2018 6 14
The Story of Us The Story of Us Quinn XCII Released September 15, 2017 6 4
Bloom - EP Bloom - EP Quinn XCII Released March 11, 2016 3 9