Ramson Badbonez About

There are very few Mc’s in the UK rap game as engrained into the culture as Ramson Badbonez. Discovered in Highbury at 14 years old by Uk Hip Hop godfathers Task Force, the rhyming machine has been a living and breathing embodiment of the culture ever since. Few could ask for better mentors, under the Task Force wing Badbonez exploded onto the scene with stellar performances on several of the clique’s legendary Music From The Corner releases leaving fans and his contemporaries itching for more.

Now fully introduced to the scene, by the best means possible, led to a vast array of Badbonez feature verses on a multitude of classic projects from Mud Fam, Bury Crew, Jehst, Verb T, Mystro, Kashmere and many more. Eventually paths crossed with the renowned producer Harry Love and the pair produced ‘The Official Mixtape Vol.1′ which further solidified Badbonez’ status as one of the fiercest Mc’s in the UK. Badbonez then went on to release a slew of highly rated mix tapes hammering the nail even further into the domes of fans. After years of grinding away, the gifted MC finally dropped his debut album in 2012 to critical acclaim under the watchful eye of producers Dr. Zygote, Jazz T, Farma G, Harry Love and 184.

Badbonez is one of the few MC’s in the country that can please everyone across the road rap and underground lyricism divide. He portrays the gutter street life without dipping into the ‘road rap’ cliches whilst maintaining his untouchable rapid fire flow that we have all come to know and love thus cementing his position as one of the most highly rated MC’s to emerge out of the London underground! Now teaming up with HF for his second album, ‘A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch’ the Mc is set to steam roll the competition with 14 tracks of that unadulterated, pure raw.

Ramson Badbonez Albums

Hypnodic Hypnodic Ramson Badbonez Released June 16, 2017 6 13
Warlords & Immortals Warlords & Immortals Ramson Badbonez Released April 20, 2013 2 17