Noa Sainz About

Regina Isabel Garcia Vallejo known by her stage name Noa Sainz, is a Mexican singer, producer and actress.

Noa Sainz is considered the queen of R&B and Latin Soul, due to her peculiar combination of these genres in her songs.

Noa Sainz's name came up because she wanted her project to be called “No Science”.

In 2018 Noa Sainz released her first single titled “FYT”, the same year she released her second single titled “Siempre” and both were successful, getting her a record contract with Warner Music México.

Noa Sainz's debut EP is No Science.

In 2019 she released two singles "Despertar (el dolor)" and "que bueno!" both with very good acceptance by the Latin American community.

Noa Sainz Albums

No Science - EP No Science - EP Noa Sainz Released November 9, 2018 1 10
MAYDAY! - EP MAYDAY! - EP Noa Sainz Released January 16, 2020 6 12