Roachee About

Roachee is an English grime MC hailing from East London, and a member of Roll Deep from 2004 until 2006. The cousin of fellow Roll Deep member Trim, he provided the first and final verses on arguably the group’s most popular underground track, “When I’m ‘Ere”. Roachee is known for his aggressive no-nonsense flow, seen at its best on the Risky Roadz 2 DVD in 2005 (below).
Roachee & Dirty Danger Freestyle, 2005

The year 2011 was particularly prolific for Roachee, releasing his first album Roach Material Volume 1 and challenging Scorcher to a clash at Lord Of The Mics 3. The track is regarded as one of the best in Lord Of The Mics history and received no reply from Scorcher (below).
Roachee send for Scorcher, 2011

In the following years Roachee mostly featured on tracks rather than releasing his own, appearing on the likes of “Crudd Central” and “Badman”. Alongside Marger and Lil Nasty he formed the crew A.M.O (Active Members Only) in 2015.

In 2018 Roachee released Dark Ages, a 4 track EP which will seemingly be followed by a second project later in the year.

Roachee Albums