Robin og bugge About

Robin and Bugge is a multi-platinum-winning pop-rap duo from Manglerud in Oslo.

The duo consists of Robin Sharma (Robin Stones) and Thomas Bugge (Bugge Smalls). It all started when they won a local talent song at Manglerud Youth Club in 2005. Today, the two childhood friends are one of Norway’s best-selling pop groups!

March 2014 released the debut album “ELAK”. With this album and radio hits like; Best når jeg er full, Fedrelandet, Elak Elak, Bongo Drum, Non Stop, Backpacker, Backpacker and Monster, Robin and Bugge have truly consolidated their position as one of the country’s most popular bands. Something that also appears in nearly 30 MILLION streams on various streaming services, seven gold and platinum singles and sold out concerts all over the country!

The group has several toplist placements on Spotify, iTunes and VG list top 20. In 2014, the group was officially a part of Oslo’s heritage and was hailed by its hometown by the town hall in town playing the monster hit “Elak Elak” from the bell tower every day, For half a year, all over Oslo city center! Absurd, touching and comic at one time, according to the boys themselves.

Robin and Bugge are very disciplined to be disciplined when it comes to the choice of music style. The great strength of the duo is just that they can do and master everything from commercial radio hits and pop songs to traditional hip hop. Even with a commercial expression, they cultivate quality and originality through technically sound rap and vocal promotion, creative texts, strong productions and brain-shocking choruses.

The group is known for its energetic and charming live concerts and has become a true audience favorite over the years. This has resulted in over 300 concerts all over the country! They have performed on major scenes such as VG list top 20, Norway Cup opening show, NRJ in the park, World Environment Day and at the main scene at the Norwegian Wood Festival.

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