Royal Coda About

Royal Coda is a Sacramento-based alternative rock band comprised of Kurt Travis (Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds), Sergio Medina (Stolas, Sianvar, Eidola), and Joseph Arrington (A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar).

All mainstays of the progressive rock scene in Sacramento, Royal Coda formed in early 2018 shortly after Travis' previous band – Eternity Forever – disbanded and shortly before A Lot Like Birds broke up. Being a part of the Blue Swan Records family, everybody in Royal Coda has been performing together in or around other bands on the label, including the aforementioned A Lot Like Birds, Dance Gavin Dance, Sianvar, Eidola, and even Stolas.

Their debut record, Royal Coda was released on April 27, 2018 and is produced by Mike Watts (Hail the Sun, Stolas) and Dominic Nastasi.

Royal Coda Albums

Royal Coda Royal Coda Royal Coda Released April 27, 2018 3 7