Ruggero de I Timidi About

Clumsy Crooner, nostalgic beat singer, an unlikely cross between Elio and Mal from Primitives, a surreal mix between the Smiths and Squallor, between Christian, Santo California, Dik Dik, Le Orme and Raffaella Carrà, Ruggero de I Timidi is the illegitimate son of a relationship between an orchestra of the late 1950s and the great Freak Antoni: in short, a cultured neomelodicist (at fault), with a vocation for refined demented (but don't tell him he gets offended). Ruggero is a perfect cocktail that mixes modernity and healthy vintage: he is the nightclub singer that was missing in recent years.

Ruggero de I Timidi Albums

Giovani Emozioni Giovani Emozioni Ruggero de I Timidi Released September 7, 2018 5 7
Frutto Proibito Frutto Proibito Ruggero de I Timidi Released February 24, 2015 3 7