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Sakia are a Finnish indie rock band that formed in 2005 in Jalasjärvi.

The members of the group are Matti Perälä (lead vocals), Juho Mäntylä (keyboards), Timo Mäkelä (guitar), Mikko Kivistö (guitar), Ville Rantamäki (bass guitar) and Petri Haakana (percussion, drums).

In December 2014, Sakia recorded first official single «God Forsaken Land». In 2016, band started working with producer Aki Sihvonen and released second single Parallel Universe in December 2016. Also there was a release «Parallel Universe – Le Père Toux Remix» in May 2017.
In September 2017, Sakia released fourth single by name «New Silence».

Sakia is recorded in the famous Finnvox studios. At the moment the group back in the studio to record more songs.

Sakia Albums

Parallel Universe (Single) Parallel Universe (Single) Sakia Released September 12, 2016 1 10

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