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Hip-Hop / Pop recording artist Sanova (a.k.a. Marcus Brock) is renowned for creating his own brand of “cinematic music,” which meshes witty lyrics with melodic choruses and a touch of pop & rock. His current album trilogy—comprising “The Outlet,” “The Come Up LP”, and “Undefined LP” offers a three-part story explaining the history of Marcus Brock (real person), Sanova (artist) and Brocknova (primary character from his upcoming comic book series).

Sanova has been recording since age 14—inspired by the Playstation video game MTV Music Generator, which allowed him to discover his creativity by creating melodies, to which he added his own lyrics. In short order, his songs attracted the attention of a recording studio owner in Chicago. There, in a secluded warehouse, Sanova’s creativity burgeoned, inspired by the hit music of Eminem and Tupac. Sharing his music on MySpace, he rapidly collected fans & followers, to the tune of some 218,000 views. Meanwhile, he showcased his musical wares at the United Center in Chicago… before moving to Indiana, where his presence continued to grow. With an animated, freestyle vibe, Sanova began filling clubs in his base of Bloomington—packed with college kids in the summer months, who returned to their home states (and countries) and continued to spread the word. That led to a recording opportunity at Dallas-based Trademarc Studios, where Sanova recorded “Did I Stutter” and “R U Famous Yet.” The latter won an award at the Seattle Film Festival and was promoted on Comcast Cable networks.

In Summer 2015, Sanova releases his “highly anticipated” follow-up album: “The Come Up LP.”

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