See Maw About

See Maw, stage name of Simone Sacchi (Milan, 1996), is an Italian singer-songwriter and producer.

he He starts playing classical guitar at the age of 8, improvising pieces in invented English. Later he switched to the electric one, always self-taught, until in middle school some guitar lessons with a teacher, to study electric guitar with a teacher convinced him to return to classical guitar. In high school he begins to take an interest in electronic music and to experiment with programs.

His sound ranges from electronic to synth-pop, while his stage name is an English mangling of the abbreviation of his name, Simo.

After making his independent debut with the EP Ghiaccio, released in 2019, See Maw enters Undamento, releasing the EP Depre Mood in the same year. The following year he made his long-distance debut with A Lights Out.

See Maw Albums

A luci spente A luci spente See Maw Released June 5, 2020 3 5
Depre mood EP Depre mood EP See Maw Released July 3, 2019 2 6
Ghiaccio EP Ghiaccio EP See Maw Released April 26, 2019 3 6