Shiny Wet Machine About

Shiny Wet Machine is a two-piece band made up of Alex Fitts and Sizzy Rocket. The two started the band after randomly making a punk song together. This song later became “Euphoria”. Frontwoman Sizzy Rocket told BlackBook about this in January 2017:

We were set up to write together by our publishers since another part of what we do is writing and working on other projects. I don’t remember the song we wrote that day but we spent a lot of the time talking about our influences which were a lot of the same – Nirvana, Black Flag, Hole, The Stooges, really loud, really fast bands. At one point I remember just saying “Fuck it, why don’t we just write a song like that instead? Like, let’s just do what we really want to do. And it was instant magic.

Guitarist Alex Fitts confirmed this sentiment in an interview with Ko63 Music:

We were going off the cuff. We weren’t necessarily trying to do anything. We got together in the studio one day, and over the course of getting to know each other, we talked about our influences. My influences growing up were always a lot of grunge rock and hip-hop, and I had done a lot of hip-hop in my career, but I never really had a chance to do more of a grunge rock thing. And she had all the same influences too, so we just worked on the songs and we thought it was cool so we worked on more, and before we knew it, we had nine, ten songs. We weren’t really trying to do anything, it was all just in the spur of the moment.

The duo currently has two EP’s out: Lights Out and B-Sides (Lights Out).

Shiny Wet Machine has been quiet on social media as of September 2017. It is unknown whether the band will release anything in the near future. Both members have however expressed that Shiny Wet Machine will last in an interview with KO63 Music.

“I want to do this forever,” said Sizzy, a sentiment shared by her band mate.

“This is a band that I would love to be doing ten years from now,” Fitts said. “Sizzy and I have definitely always been on the same page about that and we’ve always been open about the fact that we are consistently working on other things but that this project is something special to both of us in that it’s something we’re one hundred percent on top of it. This is always going to be something that we rally behind and then we’re free to do other projects.”

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