Skunkhour About

Skunkhour are an Australian funk rock band formed in Sydney in 1991. They released four albums; Skunkhour (July 1993), Feed (April 1995), Chin Chin (July 1997) and The Go (May 2001). The band was originally named Skunk to evoke their ska and funk influences, later renaming to Skunkhour in homage to a poem by Robert Lowell. The combination of a lead vocalist (Aya Larkin) and rapper (Del Larkin) was unusual for the era, particularly as Del rapped about Australian issues and without masking his accent. After Del left the band in 1996, the band’s sound shifted to a more melodic funk rock. Skunkhour disbanded in November 2001, but have regularly reformed since 2009 for gigs and festivals.

Skunkhour Albums