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Sleepwar About

From the desert of Phoenix, Arizona, indie rock band Sleepwar combines new wave and synth-pop influence with lyrics speaking to addiction, recovery and the struggles of life.
Sleepwar is led by Roger Willis (vocals) with Tim Woodbridge (producer, keys), James Allen (bass), Mark Pfister (guitar), and Brendan McGuinness (drums).

Utilizing lush synthesizer soundscapes, Sleepwar produces a sound that is familiar. Fans of the five-piece rock outfit have likened their music to that of Tame Impala, the Killers, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and Local Natives.

Sleepwar’s self-released initial EP, When We Were, was released on January 26, 2018. When We Were was recorded, mixed, and produced by Cory Spotts (Job For A Cowboy, The Maine, Bless the Fall, Greeley Estates) at BLUElight Audio Medith, a in Phoenix, AZ.

Sleepwar was formed in 2016 when seasoned musician Roger Willis (Something Left To Learn, Namesake, Goodbye Tomorrow) sought a new project focused on songwriting and collaborated with aspiring producer Tim Woodbridge, who had been composing with vocal placement in mind. Willis shared their rudimentary recordings to longtime friend James Allen, who immediately loved the new sound.

Allen joined Sleepwar as bassist and co-lyricist, where his former struggles with addiction and drug abuse became the foundation for early songs like The Jaywalker. Though Allen’s words drew from his personal demons, the lyrics would resonate with Willis and Woodbridge who had experienced both personal and familial alcohol and drug addiction. While the founding members of Willis, Woodbridge and Allen would remain constant, the band’s evolution from garage to indie rock new wave brought to the lineup several talented musicians, eventually finding balance with current drummer Brendan McGuinness and guitarist Mark Pfister.

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