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As a child, Messiah began break dancing in his hometown of Atlanta, GA. In his teens, he earned a reputation for being one of the best breaker’s in his crew. Shortly thereafter, break dancing took him to NY, where he joined the Rock Steady Crew. All the while Sol Messiah was b-boying, he also had a love affair with DJing. The day he saw DJ Jazzy Jay spinning on Numark TTXUSB turntables with Afrika Bambaataa is the day it all started. Today he is on the forefront of technology, being one of the first to use Numark’s V7 digital turntable while touring with Nappy Roots.

For Messiah, the step from DJing to producing was a natural progression. Talented with a mastery of production that could not be learned easily without hands-on experience, Sol Messiah captured the attention of Dallas Austin. Messiah soon created a catalog filled with timeless tracks. Alongside Dallas, he went on to work with TLC, Madonna, Monica and Boys II Men.

Sol Messiah became recognized as an accomplished DJ in the early 90’s due to his ever-growing mixtape popularity. Sol Messiah and Dallas Austin opened a hip hop shop in underground Atlanta, where Sol Messiah featured his classic Sol Messiah Mixtape series. Being that underground Atlanta was a big tourist spot, people from all over the world would come looking for these addictive soundscapes that Sol Messiah was crafting. That popularity led to club promoters approaching Sol about residency in clubs. Sol Messiah then landed gigs in the popular hip hop clubs such as The Warehouse, the Velvet, and Soho. These clubs took Sol Messiah’s name to the top of the food chain.

Around 1997, Sol Messiah left Dallas Austin for greener, more independent pastures. Sol Messiah released several independent projects, including his most successful to date: Sa-Roc. Messiah has released 13 albums so far with Sa-Roc, including her newest ground breaking album called The Sharecropper’s Daughter. Sa-Roc and Sol Messiah have amassed a global reach, toured internationally, and gained fans from South America to Europe. They have performed at the legendary Jazz Cafe in London, performed live for BBC, and shared the stage with luminaries such as The Roots, Common, and Jay Electronica.

The most important stance that Sol Messiah takes is the dedication to the culture of hip hop and living the life that one sets up for themselves. Through DJing and producing, through this philosophy, Sol Messiah obtains fulfillment of his motto to ELEVATE!"

-Sol Messiah

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