Spanish F.L.Y. About

From the Harbor Hills of the port of Los Angeles comes the Spanish Foolish Loco Youngsters. Spanish F.L.Y. has been around since 1988. They are the classic authentic originators who brought you the first underground Chicano rap hit titled “Soy 18 With A Bullet” which has been compared to “Boyz-N-The-Hood” song by Eazy-E but with an image along the lines of our Chicano Barrios. Spanish F.L.Y. original members consists of DJ Tricks (Frank Contreras), Ese Rich Roc (Richard Anaya), and Ese Daz (David Arellano Zamora).

They had just started recording “Soy 18 With A Bullet” on a 4-track recorder when they decided to add some childhood friends as part of their crew. Toker, Droopy (R.I.P.), and Smokey were added they primarily were part of the posse who provided with ideas and professional criticism. Rich Roc, Ese Daz, and Tricks were childhood friends who grew up around the same neighborhood in the city of Carson.

They had a D.J. group called Chill Attractions and would always work parties around the Harbor Area. In 1988, they began gathering at Trick’s house looking through his father’s old records, experimenting with sampling oldies, making beats, and writing lyrics about the gang activity that surrounded them in the streets of the Harbor Area. Rich Rock played baseball, Ese Daz played soccer but the music was what really kept Rich Rock, Ese Daz, and Tricks from falling deep into the gang activity of the 80’s and 90’s. “Trust No Man” was the first ever recorded and released Chicano rap album on Familia Records. During this time Spanish F.L.Y did a handful of shows in Oxnard, Bakersfield, Santa Maria and many other cities. There was not much momentum at the time in the Latin rap scene but Spanish F.L.Y. kept on pushing forward.